ARPSC Meeting May 16, 2016

5-16-16 Meeting Notes @ Lansing EOC

D-Star -- Awaiting developments for future progress.

Monthly Reports -- It was turned in and submitted.  (Make sure to send your hours in to Jim so that they can be recorded for the APRSC).

EOC -- New desktop and laptop have been added.   GRL3 will be added.  Awaiting someone with admin privileges.

Hospice Recap -- 45 bikes were active and ~300 attendees.  Coverage was run on UHF 443.000 repeater.

Public Service Station Activity Report -- This is the report that you should fill out monthly so that your public service time is logged.  This was discussed by K8RDN and a handout was provided.  This form can be found at and the sample report for help can be found here (coming soon!).  NTS messages that were received, sent, or originated as well as meeting time, volunteer activities (including planning time), time running a net, and maintained lists.  Once a report is submitted, formatted messages are created and can be sent via NTS traffic net (preferred) or email.  The messages can be copied and pasted into an email to  Reports are needed by the 5th of each month.  It is preferred that you transmit it on the radio if possible, but make sure that it is sent on a traffic net or BEFORE the 5th of each month (as soon as possible). Public service is weighted more heavily than traffic passed.  No messages are sent to anyone on the website, so feel free to practice using the form, and make sure to send your information to the proper net or contact!

District meeting -- ICS-217 (resource list) and ICS-205 (communication plan) forms were discussed for consistency during a larger deployment and operations plans were discussed on the forms so that we all District 1 counties have an idea of what frequencies are to be used during a deployment.  There was some talk to monitor some of the Public Service frequencies during a situation.  All 9 counties in District 1 are working to create a consistent system for background checks and basic operating procedures.  Volunteer Reception Center plans were discussed.

ChemDot -- June 30 at Livingston County EMS Center (9am-3pm) -- Need 4-5 people at a minimum.  Ingham County emergency trailers are hauled over to the location and the systems that would be used in the case of a deployment are tested for readiness.  There is also a presentation.  This is a good learning experience for anyone who can attend.  

Skywarn -- On call schedule is being worked on.  

Field Day -- Up and coming -- donations are coming in.  Be prepared to come out and help setup/teardown/operate!  There may be a few locations that you can help by asking for donations (ask Ron).  Looking for an additional trailer (7th day Adventist trailer is NOT available) -- Kitsmiller?