ARPSC Meeting Minutes Monday May 19, 2014

ARPSC Meeting 5-19-14

Background Checks: Members need to download the background check (scan + email -or- drop it off to Jim or the EM Office at Fire Station #8). The background checks are currently due for all who haven't had them run in the last quarter, and all others are needed. Download the new background check form from the R.A.C.E.S. Requirements Page (HERE).

Minutes: For those who are taking care of events other than Jim and Jeremiah, make sure to submit hours for the event to the event to Jim. Also, put in your individual hours (Insturctions HERE) so that they can be counted.

ChemDot: The regional exercise ChemDot involving the Emergency Management Trailers of District 1 including EMS, Fire, etc. The equipment and antennas were setup and tested. Help was given to other trailers (such as Meridian Twp.) to make sure that the equipment was operational, and any problems with power and setup were addressed. Antennas have been color coded with coax labeling for ease of setup. Compared to other years, the time and effort to setup the trailer have decreased.

Lansing Marathon: The marathon support was successful. At events like these, your main responsibility is for communication and not to direct traffic. Due to liability, defer these responsibilities to CERT personnel or let Net Control know of what is needed.

ATV Kits: They are groomed and ready to go. One of the new cameras has been field tested.

Field Day: If you know contacts, get a hold of Ron Harger or Shanon Raines for things like rolls, subs, etc.

Public Service Events:
CLICK HERE for the list of ARPSC service events and for more details.

Common Ground: July – In June signups will start (only 6 days in stead of 7). Currently the estimate is two cameras at the previous locations. There is also a possibility of other locations depending on their needs outside the permanent camera locations.

Volunteer Picnic: Discussion was to solidify the date and time. It is normally held during a mid-week evening and is potluck / BBQ event celebrating the last year's work from the ARPSC and CERT groups.

There is consideration for ARPSC access to the warning siren. For Skywarn activations, make sure that the spotters calling in are active.


Sgt Weiss is new EM for Ingham County