ARPSC Meeting Minutes Monday June 15, 2015

6-15-15 Meeting Notes @ Ingham EOC

ATV - Kits are ready minus one that is being updated. Alternative mounts were discussed to see if there were methods for making the mounts less cumbersome.

Upcoming Events (See if you are available to help out and/or gain experience at these upcoming events. More information for signing up at

Chem-DOT exercise was performed on Tuesday June 16th. Recommendations have been made to make sure that the Ingham and Meridian trailers are better equipped for deployment.

6-18-15 (Thurs) – ATV kit prep/brainstorm @ FS 48 @ 6pm.   All are invited.

6-24-15 (Weds) – Northern Exposure – This event consists of contacting the DEC between 8 and 10 AM from the EOC, then the DEC will contact SEOC before noon.  HF frequencies will be used and if that is not possible, then CW or Olivia can be used. This is part of a National Guard exercise during the week. (RACES required)

6-27-15 & 6-28-15 (Tues thru Sun) – Field Day @ Rayner Park in Mason, MI – 8am start time for setup. There will be minimal driving on the grass, especially this year due to wet weather and new trees planted in the area.

7-7-15 through 2-12-15 (Sat @ Sun) – Common Ground – ATV deployment in various locations around the music festival. Lansing FS 41 will be used. (RACES required)

8-1-15 (Sat) – Komen Ride for the Cure – This event in Mason, MI is for communication support at aid stations and providing SAG vehicle assistance.


11-11-15 (Weds) – Veterans Day – Radio support for the parade in Mason, MI.