ARPSC Meeting June 20, 2016

6-20-16 Meeting Notes @ Ingham EOC

D-Star – No change since last month. There is equipment in place to be activated and there are projects being completed at the tower that need to happen before movement on the D-Star project.

Monthly Report – It was turned and submitted by Jim Hannahs. Ingham County / Lansing contributed 349 man hours, which was third in the state. Make sure that you relay any additional time that you spend doing Amateur Radio Public Service, outside of scheduled events (or if you are a lead for the event), to Jim Hannahs so that it can be recorded in the Monthly Report. Get these times to Jim before the end of the month, or by the 1st if possible. Also, don't forget to submit all of your public service hours in the Public Service Station Activity Report (see last month's minutes HERE for further detail) if you wish consideration for public service honor roll.

ATV & Kits – A setup and test run will be performed in preparation of Common Ground. This will be completed Saturday June 25th in the afternoon (this will be during Field Day and after the Fox Hunt) by Dennis Boone, Jeff Goeke-Smith, and Jim Greiner.

Computer Upgrade Lansing EOC / Discussion of EOC equipment – The Lansing EOC was upgraded recently with at least one new computer and GRLevel3 radar software. We are still waiting on some of the software to be installed that we have requested. Dennis Boone is working on a list of things that would be helpful in the EOCs as well. There was discussion that it would be helpful to have FLDigi ability in each EOC, and that it would be a good idea to tour each EOC to inventory equipment, list what we could add, and move on from there. It is possible that the Ingham EOC already has a SignaLink to interface for digital modes, but it has not been setup yet.

Upcoming Events:

Field Day (6-25-16 to 6-36-26) – Field Day this year is again at Rayner Park in Mason, MI. Operation will start at 2pm on Saturday and go until 2pm on Sunday. Setup will start at 7am at the Salvation Army Building, and will continue at Rayner Park at ~8:15am. Feel free to stop by!

Chem DOT (6-30-16 in Howell) – This event will take place from 9am and 3pm at the Livingston County EMS Center. 4 or 5 people are needed for this event at a minimum. Ingham County emergency trailers are hauled to the location and the systems used during a deployment will be setup and tested for readiness. This is a good opportunity in becoming familiar with the different emergency trailers, and there will be a presentation related to emergency management. Contact Jim Hannahs if you are interested in attending.

Common Ground (6-5-16 to 6-10-15) – This event is a multi-day event that runs from approximately 4pm (cameras need to be live at 5:30pm) through the evening each day. This event involves setting up ATV (amateur radio television). We could still use a few volunteers to make sure we have adequate relief and coverage of the camera stations. Those who are interested in this event, but are not familiar with ATV, training will be offered on site and we will work to pair you with someone who has done ATV setup at Common Ground before.