ARPSC Meeting Minutes Monday July 21, 2014

ARPSC Meeting 7-21-14


Common Ground – ARPSC volunteer work totaled 378 hours at the event and an additional 52 hours travel time.


Individual Monthly Hours – Make sure to turn them into Jim. Leads of any events make sure that Jim gets those hours as well as Jeremiah.


ATV Kits – A grooming party will be held at a TBD date.


ATV run with HAMNET – ATV units were deployed at Common Ground with Ubiquity with some 54g. Link quality was 80%. First day included some technical issues that were sorted out (link from roof, routing loops, semi-permanent mounting options, auto tracking), and the subsequent days were better. Hammel was happy with the resolution, and there might be some more cameras (1 or 2) and brackets for mounting coming into the future. Training for the new HAMNET setup with IP cameras was conducted this evening and a list will be made for acquiring additional equipment for the antennas / routers / etc.


CERT Volunteer Picnic – The picnic has been rescheduled for Sunday, October 12th at 1pm. The location will be Fire Station 8. Please let Jim know if you can attend if you have not done so.


Skywarn – We are working to secure 2015 housing for the Skywarn training (hoping for LCC West as we have done recently).


CERT Funding – There is about $500 that CERT has due to our past volunteering that can be used for equipment that's not covered by EM funding.


St. James Run 5k/8k – 7am meet time until 10:30 to 12 noon.



Nov 17 – Veterans Day Parade in Mason. Operators have approval to use the fairgrounds.